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About Us

Welcome to, Unicomp Inc.’s updated website and on-line store. Browse our pages to find the keyboard that is just right for you. Choose from over 2000 different keyboards. We stock our bestselling models and they can be found in the Featured Products section of our website.

If you are looking for something a little more custom, use our keyboard configurator tool to select from thousands of languages, color, and feature combinations. These products are built to order in our Kentucky manufacturing facility, typically within 2-5 days. Or, feel free to use our on-line help desk to request a brand new configuration. Among our latest additions is the SpaceSaver M which is designed to work specifically with Mac® and Apple® systems.

Why purchase an imitator when you can buy the original “Model M”. We have produced the buckling spring “Click” keyboard for IBM and thousands of discriminating users worldwide for 23 years…. Join the many that have made the switch to a much more accurate data entry alternative.