Mini M

Mini M

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    Weight: 6.00 pounds

    Mini M

    Note: To pre-order Gift Certificate holders: Please see the email from us containing important instructions before you order your Mini M keyboard.


    To our customers ordering the Mini M. Thank you all so much for the awesome response to our new keyboard. We are building these as fast as we can, but due to the influx of initial orders, our backlog is a bit more than we are able to manage within our standard shipping times. For now, please anticipate a 4-6 week lead time on your order for the Mini M.

    Also for our customers outside the US , please note that the Mini M design has not yet passed the necessary regulatory certifications. As such, we are not shipping the Mini M outside the US at this time. We anticipate passing the CE requirements sometime later this summer and hope to be shipping by August.


    The Mini M buckling spring keyboard has the same mechanism, feel and general layout as the original IBM Model M (SSK) keyboard. With the much-loved buckling spring key design these keyboards have been prized by computer enthusiasts and robust typists because of the tactile and auditory feedback of each keystroke.

    Manufactured in Lexington, Kentucky, our buckling spring keyboard is a durable, audible keyboard with a gorgeous finish and solid feel reminiscent of the classic IBM Model M family of keyboards.


    Buckling Springs

    Buckling springs originated in IBM’s mechanical keyboard as a fundamentally different kind of switch mechanism. Featuring a coil spring that sits between the keycap and a pivoting hammer that collapses when clicked, the spring provides a loud, tactile feedback.


    Model M-Inspired Keycaps

    The two-tone white and gray buckling spring keys are made of PBT polymer. The dye-sublimated legends compliment the authentic feel and classic design. The keys are also available in all gray or all white.


    Other features

    Similar to the SSK, the Mini M has an embedded number pad which is active whenever the operating system has NumLock active.  When NumLock is active, you can also move the cursor by holding down a shift key and selecting the appropriate key in the NumPad area for movement.

    Additionally, the SSK detachable PS/2 cable has been upgraded to a USB detachable cable.  The detachable cable may be unlocked by inserting a small screwdriver or other small probe into the connector just above the cable plug.

    An area of design improvement is the number of keys which may reported to the operating system. Up to 10 keys plus modifier keys are capable of being reported simultaneously.  Additionally, the new design dramatically reduces key ghosting over other Model M designs.  While the keyboard does not support N Key Rollover, you will notice the difference.


    • Connection: USB
    • Cable length: 6 ft.
    • Number of keys/buttons: 87
    • Length: 15.5 in. (395.4 mm)
    • Depth: 7.5 in. (190 mm)
    • Height: 2.34 in. (59.4 mm)
    • Weight: 3 lb. 4 oz. (1.47 Kg)
    • Compatible: PC
    • Gross Weight: 4 lb. (1.81 Kg)
    • Manufactured in Lexington, KY