About Us

About Us
Unicomp is a computer keyboard developer and manufacturer located in the heart of Bluegrass Country, Lexington, Kentucky. We are a small business. We manufacture our products in Kentucky. To compete successfully against products made in Asia, we must focus on producing the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost while providing the highest level of customer service.

Our Heritage

Unicomp was started in 1996 when we purchased keyboard technology from Lexmark International and IBM. You may recall that Lexmark manufactured the high quality Model M keyboards for IBM computers and terminals prior to 1996.  Many of the same people, who in 1995 helped produce millions of keyboards for Lexmark customers, continue to manufacture keyboards for us today. Our goal is to build on our heritage and continue to provide our customers with the highest quality keyboard products.

Our Commitment to Quality

Unicomp believes that, quality is customer satisfaction. In order to implement our corporate quality policy, all Unicomp employees are expected to: know the customer's needs and expectations; and, commit to continuous improvement. We established this philosophy during our initial ISO registration in 2001.  Our current ISO 9001:2015 registration certificate can be found here