The EnduraPro is the UltraClassic with an integrated pointing stick mouse. The pointing stick is better known as Trackpoint® which is IBM’s trademarked name for a pointing stick located between G, H,& B keys on the keyboard. The pointing stick is an idea perfected by IBM and Lexmark; and owned by Unicomp since it was patented in 1996. The EnduraPro is the perfect solution for space constrained work environments.

The EnduraPro is available in Pearl White or Raven Black; available in USB or PS/2 interfaces; and only available with buckling spring technology.

___________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTICE CONCERNING AVAILABILITY – Unfortunately, we have had to temporarily suspend the sale of the Endura Pro keyboards due to another supply chain shortage. The supplier of one of the flex harnesses had to close their doors during the pandemic. We’ve begun the task of sourcing a new supplier but do not have a definite time frame for when these keyboards will be available again. For our customers with orders already placed, we have enough stock to complete all on order. ____________________________________________________________________________________________