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The industry standard for excellence for 30 years!
The buckling spring “Model M” keyboard, invented by IBM in the 80’s; popularized by Lexmark in the early 90’s; and manufactured by Unicomp for the past 25 years is regaining its status as one of the best keyboards in the market.  

Your fingers will feel the difference with a buckling spring keyboard. Your typing accuracy will improve. The buckling spring key switch is designed to record your keystroke at the precise instant that you feel the tactile change.

Standard rubberdome keyboards record the keystroke well after the tactile change is felt by your fingers. If you miss characters as you type and you know you pressed the key, that’s why. If you’ve tried to enter a shifted character but it came out lower case, that’s why. In fact most rubberdome keyboards require you to press the key all the way to the bottom. To compensate, many rubberdome users end up pounding the keys as they type. Ouch!

With the instantaneous nature of the buckling spring, your fingers can stop before the key hits bottom. Yes, the force required to press a buckling spring is a little higher than a rubberdome, but the low force over-travel period designed into the buckling spring allows your fingers to comfortably decelerate before hitting the key bottom. Ahhh!

While we specialize in making buckling spring keyboards, we do offer most all of our models with a rubberdome (R/D) keyswitch for users who want the other benefits our products offer. Those include the robust design, integrated mouse devices, customized layouts and colors, and custom microcode. We call our rubberdome keyboards Quiet Touch.

Choose from over 2000 different keyboards. We stock our bestselling models and they can be found in the various product sub-categories of our website. If you are looking for something a little more custom, use our keyboard configurator tool to select from thousands of language, color, and feature combinations. These products are built to order in our Kentucky manufacturing facility, typically within 2-5 days.

To order a 103 keyboard purchase a 104 keyboard and order a "customization fee" and tell us you want a 103 key configuration

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