Ultra Classic

The Ultra Classic is our BEST keyboard. It's built with the same buckling spring mechanisms, keybuttons, and steel baseplate as used on the Classic. The stair stepped keys, tactile "clicky" feel, and robust design are the same as well. It's Ultra because it uses a newly designed clamshell cover set reducing the footprint by 20% and eliminating almost ½ pound of plastic.

All models are available in two colors; the classic Pearl White color, and Raven Black with gray buttons.  They are also available with either a PS2 or USB interface.

The models shown here are the 104 key US English models. The non-US English models (105 key) feature a smaller left shift button, an additional button just to the right of the left shift button and a vertical enter button.

To order a 103 keyboard purchase a 104 keyboard and order a "customization fee" and tell us you want a 103 key configuration