Class 3 Keyboard Repair

Class 3 Keyboard Repair

    Price: $90.00

    Code: C3KBR

    Weight: 7.00 pounds

    Class 3 Keyboard Repair

    Class 3 Keyboard Repair covers the cost of repairing keyboards with integrated pointing devices. 

    Class 3 Keyboard Repair also covers the cost of repairing an IBM Branded Keyboard and upgrading it to USB. Please note that not all IBM keyboards can be upgraded to USB.   Please include upgrade requests in your email as noted below.

    Prior to purchasing the repair please send an email to . Please include the part number and serial number from the bottom of the keyboard. Also include the nature of the problem you are having with the keyboard.   We will respond within 24 hours (Monday - Friday) with an RMA#,  shipment instructions, and payment instructions.

    REPAIRS of 104 key keyboards will be completed with the Unicomp standard 104 key layout that has been in place since 2013. The specifics of that layout are described in the link HERE 

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